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GAVI_FILM1 (0-02-08-17).jpg
GAVI_FILM1 (0-02-13-14).jpg

Gavi - Global Vaccine Summit

It was an absolute joy working on this animated opening film for Gavi for the global vaccine summit with Gary Dumbill and Little Dot Studios


The summit heralds a new era of global health collaboration as world leaders show overwhelming commitment to equitable immunisation coverage and global health security in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


"E-X-A" - intro TitleS

Here is yet another Netflix concept title intro for E-X-A. This time taking on the theme of the bright and vibrant multiverse, built entirely in After Effects using Element 3D.

I really do love making these

Maisma - Online_v01.00_00_23_15.Still005

Miasma - Intro Titles 

It was great fun creating this Netflix inspired concept intro title for "Miasma"  created around the theme of pestilence, disease & destruction.

Maisma - Online_v01.00_00_49_00.Still014 copy.jpg

BBC Euros Intro titles

It was a real honour to work on the BBC Euros intro titles for Chief with Ben McFarlane and Yoni Weisberg at the helm. It was a real feat from everyone involved and a pleasure to get to work with such talented, passionate people.

Alex Kidd trailer WIP V13_ENG.00_00_08_18.Still002.jpg

Alex Kidd in miracle world - trailer

It was an absolute pleasure animating the new game trailer for "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" with "The Other Things Agency" & Ryan at "Oh Fantastic". This was an immensely fun project to be a part of with full level recreations and loads of new and exciting ways to animate.

Alex Kidd trailer WIP V13_ENG.00_01_09_13.Still013.jpg

Corponation trailer

I had a lot of fun doing the offline & online edit as well as the VFX for this trailer for the game "Corponation" with "The Other Things" set in a 90s VHS style it was incredibly fun to edit this retro styled Ad


Wincha Commercial - Bandai Namco

I had an incredible time working across the board with "The Other Things" for this commercial for Wincha by Bandai Namco Amusement Europe to bring you the latest in remote claw machine fun. I was involved through the whole process for this from preproduction, VFX supervising on set as well as the offline, online, VFX and grade.

Wincha Online_60s_V06_16-9.mp4.00_00_01_13.Still001.jpg
Morbid Extra End Frame Shot_05_low.jpg - Morbid The Lords of Ire - Official Teaser Trailer-jaycoN3eEI4-1080p-1654994540

Morbid: Lords of Ire Story Trailer

I had a fantastic amount of fun editing & animating these trailers with the "Other Things" for the game "Morbid: The Lords or Ire". The most fun part of this job was definitely creating the bloody titles as well as animating all the key art into an action packed fly through of this incredibly gory game

F1 Clash - Celebration - Master_16-9.mp4.00_00_17_05.Still001.jpg

Multiple F1 Clash Commercials

It was amazing animating & editing multiple  game trailers for "F1 Clash" with "The Other Things". As a huge fan of F1 it was an absolute joy creating and animating these F1 ads over multiple languages and ratios demanding a bulletproof workflow.

Forza Customs - App Store Preview_1920x1080_EN.00_00_40_13.Still020.jpg

Froza Customs Launch Trailer

It was a pleasure editing and animating these trailers for Forza Customs from start to finish with the "Other Things". These fast paced, high impact ads were created in 13 languages across 7 ratios demanding a super efficient workflow. I got a lot of creative freedom with the look and feel of these and I'm really pleased with how these ads came out.


Dufry Christmas Ads

It was great fun doing the offline and online edit for this Dufry Christmas ad with Director Nathan Jones, DOP Tom Miller and THG Studios. A beautifully shot ad and a pleasure to edit.

Fresh Cut_Chillys - Scene 02_3840x2160.mp4.00_00_10_20.Still001.jpg

Chillys Ads

I did the complete on set, offline, online edit & VFX package for these trailers for Chilly's with Fresh Cut.

This involved placing our "giant" actors into a world brought to life from stills.

Fresh Cut_Chillys - Scene 02_3840x2160.mp4.00_00_10_20.Still001.jpg
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