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DAVOS - World economic forum animations

I had so much fun working on this trio of animations with Gary Dumbill and Little Dot Studios for the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Netflix - Trailer - Introduction to "The English Game"

I am incredibly happy to be able to say I did the offline edit for the Introduction to "The English Game"  with Uber Agency and Rae & Eve, This is a teaser promo giving a glimpse of the newest series from Julian Fellowes on Netflix

"the black Key" - intro Titles

I had so much fun creating this film noir themed Netflix/BBC concept intro titles for "The Black Key".  Inspired by the game "limbo" & animated entirely in After Effects

Building this kept me sane during the lockdown

GAVI_FILM1 (0-02-08-17).jpg
GAVI_FILM1 (0-02-13-14).jpg

Gavi - Global Vaccine Summit

It was an absolute joy working on this animated opening film for Gavi for the global vaccine summit with Gary Dumbill and Little Dot Studios


The summit heralds a new era of global health collaboration as world leaders show overwhelming commitment to equitable immunisation coverage and global health security in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


"E-X-A" - intro TitleS

Here is yet another Netflix concept title intro for E-X-A. This time taking on the theme of the bright and vibrant multiverse, built entirely in After Effects using Element 3D.

I really do love making these

Arndale_v17_(Red Logo).mov.00_00_06_23.S

Christmas All Boxed Up - Manchester Arndale

It was an absolute pleasure doing the VFX, animation & online for the Xmas 2020 Manchester Arndale ad "all boxed up" with the Gate films directed by Graeme Hill. It really was great fun working on this and the whole team were incredible.

Arndale_v17_(Red Logo).mov.00_00_10_17.S
Maisma - Online_v01.00_00_49_00.Still014
Maisma - Online_v01.00_00_23_15.Still005

Miasma - Intro Titles 

It was great fun creating this Netflix inspired concept intro title for "Miasma"  created around the theme of pestilence, disease & destruction.

BBC Euros Intro titles

It was a real honour to work on the BBC Euros 2020/2021 intro titles for Chief with Ben McFarlane and Yoni Weisberg at the helm. It was a real feat from everyone involved and a pleasure to get to work with such talented, passionate people. copy.jpg
Alex Kidd trailer WIP V13_ENG.00_01_09_13.Still013.jpg
Alex Kidd trailer WIP V13_ENG.00_00_08_18.Still002.jpg

Alex Kidd in miracle world - trailer

It was an absolute pleasure animating the new game trailer for "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" with "The Other Things Agency" & Ryan at "Oh Fantastic". This was an immensely fun project to be a part of with full level recreations and loads of new and exciting ways to animate.

F1 Clash - Clubs V14.mp4.00_00_02_01.Still001.jpg
F1 Clash - Clubs V14.mp4.00_00_26_17.Still005.jpg

F1 Clash / Clubs Commercials

It was amazing animating & editing the new game trailers for "F1 Clash" & "F1 Clash - Clubs" with "The Other Things Agency". As a huge fan of the F1 it was an absolute pleasure creating and animating these F1 styled graphics 


Boxt On set / Offline Edit

It was great fun doing the on set and offline edit for the latest Boxt commercial with Rae & Eve. Always a pleasure working with this crew


Blue Horizon - Alt Protein

I had a lot of fun creating this cut out styled animation about alternative protein for Blue Horizon with Gower Consulting.

Netflix - The Making of "The English Game"

It was a real privilege to create the offline edit for the BTS of the new Netflix series "The English Game" written by Julian Fellowes.

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