"E-X-A" - Intro Titles
Here is yet another Netflix concept title intro for E-X-A. This time taking on the theme of the bright and vibrant multiverse, built entirely in After Effects.
Gavi - Global Vaccine Summit 2020
It was an absolute joy working on this animated opening film for Gavi for the global vaccine summit 2020 with Gary Dumbill and Little Dot Studios
"The Black Key" - Intro Titles
I had so much fun creating this film noir themed Netflix/BBC concept intro titles for "The Black Key".  Animated entirely in After Effects.
Davos - World Economic Forum
i had so much fun working on this trio of animations with Gary Dumbill and Little Dot Studios for the World Economic Forum in Davos 2020.
Caustic Towers - Intro Titles
It was great fun and immensely creatively nourishing creating this neon Netflix/BBC themed intro titles concept named "caustic towers".
Open Doors, a very different Salford
I had an immense amount of fun working on the character rigging and animation on this 15 minute long piece with Tracks and Layers & Chronicle Films
Well Pharmacy TVC
It was brilliant to work with the Rabble Post team again on this Well Pharmacy TVC animation.
Squishmallows - Nick Jr Idents
It was incredible fun animating the Squishmallows with Active Pictures for a multitude of idents for Nick Jr and Tiny Pop
BBC - Athletics Opener Animation
I am extremely proud to present the newest opener animation for BBC athletics created with Chief, which will be running before athletics events for the next 4 years.
I had a immense fun creating this Element 3D Space animation for Thunder & Lightening Films.
HBF VOD Animations
Check out these cute little VOD animations I created with Edit 19 & Dock 10 for the HBF new homes week. I loved the concepts for these and were a pleasure to create.
Makina - "Invaders" Music Video
This was a labour of love, 2 Years in the making. Please enjoy our epic animation of destruction
Alton Towers Projection Mapping
Alton Towers Projection mapping for the opening of the Enchanted Village 2015.
Heartman - Rollercoaster
An animated commercial for Synexus on the dangers of heart disease
The Road to Relief
We were commisioned to create an animated commercial about IBS for Synexus.
Mishkin - A Good Day to Die
An Epic music video created over 8 months. The grim reaper goes on a rampage after the butter God's past relationship with mr toast sets him on a path of evil.
Buddy Loans
Buddy Loans animated commercial.
iPad/iPhone App Animation
Myself and Tom Box have recently completed a fun little animation for an ipad app.
Catslugs Episode 13 - Valentines
In this episode we find out how love works in the world of Catslugs. which, if it's like anything else in the world of Catslugs.. they will be brutally maimed and then killed.
Catslugs Episode 12 - Christmas
Merry Christmas from the catslugs. In this episode we see the arrival of Santa into the unsuspecting home of a lil boycatslug
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