I offer many different styles of photography from portraiture & landscape to fashion & promo, however my main niche is using in camera multi exposures. With zero Photoshop use, I combine and layer images in camera using the same ideas and principles behind film photography but with digital equipment, giving a vast amount more freedom and room to create whilst also keeping well away from any post manipulation. From this I can create and tailor a wide variety of styles with unique looks
Double Exposure MKV - "Dust to Dust"
The 5th installment from my in camera multi exposure series - "Dust to Dust"
The concept was to have the subject seamlessly turn to dust using coffee & glitter
Achieve Clothing
It was a real honour to photograph for Achieve Clothing on their fashion shoot with Geordie Shores own Scotty T & Aaron Chalmers
Double Exposure 4 - The Underground
Here is my 4th batch of in camera multi exposures. This time with the theme of “neon underground”. A complex deceiving world of dust, smoke and colour
Arcadia London 2018
Here are a collection of photographs from this years Arcadia London festival held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
Double Exposure MKIII - Eyes
Here is my 3rd batch of in camera multi exposures. This time i used macro shots of peoples eyes for the base image and the top of a forest and paint for second batch of exposures.
Shambala festival 2017
Shambala festival 2017 photography, this time I was tasked with taking purely in camera double exposure shots.
Arcadia - Glastonbury 2017
Photography of Arcadia at Glastonbury 2017, Easily the best year i've been to so far
Double Exposure - Splash & Streak
I'm very proud to present this new collection of in camera double exposures. The aim this time was to see how far the capabilities of the 5DMKiii can be pushed
Firework Photography - Promo shoot
Check out these experimental promo artwork images I created for Pteroglyphs new album release. Created by using flares and blowing up fireworks.
Myanmar - Elbow "Magnificent" Photos
Here are some photos taken from the set of Elbows video for their new track "Magnificent". Myanmar is the most stunning place I have ever visited
Scaramanga 6 Multi Exposure Artwork
Here are some "In camera" multi exposures I created for the Scaramanga 6 for their new album artwork
BAFTA - BTS - Mask Creation
Here are some BTS stills from the latest shoot with BAFTA & Uber Agency for their new trailer coming out next year which I am very excited about.
Arcadia - Korea - Seoul 2016
A Collection of Images from the latest trip with the Arcadia spider in Seoul, Korea
Arcadia - Glastonbury 2016
Photography of Arcadia Spectacular at Glastonbury 2016, The year of the in camera double exposure
Photographs from the most recent music video shoot for Mungos HIFI with Fresh Cut Creative
Arcadia - Bangkok Takeover
It's with great pride i put this album up. I loved Thailand and photographing with the amazing Arcadia Spectacular and Arcadia Crew. It was such a privilege to be asked to come along. Long live the spider.
Incomprehensible Incidents
A selection of prints from my travels and various experiences. Taken with a sole purpose to be visually stunning or interesting
Leeds Floods - Kirkstall Road
A selection of photos from the devastating aftermath of the Boxing Day floods in Yorkshire, Truly fascinating and horrifying
Lending Stream Shoot - South Africa
Behind the scenes photos whilst on set editing on one of the most enjoyable shoots of my life.
Devvo "Yorkshire Till I Die" BTS
A Selection of images from Behind the Scenes of the new Devvo Music Video "Yorkshire Till I Die"
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