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Makina - "Invaders" Music Video

Track -- "The Invaders"

Artist -- [Makina] ( / )

Director, Animator, Concept & Story -- Ben Dauré ( )

Illustrator, Character Design, Concept & Story -- Tom Box ( )

Production Company -- Grape Productions ( )



A utopian world where mindless humans operate like machinery is unexpectedly greeted by an armada of alien spacecraft. They begin to wipe out the entire population of the planet with callous precision stopping at nothing. After exterminating the vast majority of all living beings on the surface they begin to drill into the earth to extract it's core, harvesting it's energy 

The planet however, is like no other, as the centre contains an intricate network of machinery and robotics. When attacked, it initialises its defences and constructs a massive insect robot army to ascend and annihilate. A battle ensues between the two behemoths leaving nothing but destruction in their path.


This video was in the making for 2 years,


Copyright - Grape Productions 2014

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