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Fire Flight - Phoenix Dance Theatre

"Fire Flight" - The Phoenix Dance Theater
Director - Greg Clark (Uber Agency) -
Producer -- Steve Perry (Ink Films) -
DOP -- Mik Allen
VFX & Fire -- Ben Daure & Chris Birks (VTR North) -
Editor -- Ben Daure

Music - Klaypex - Gamefire (Feat. Mike Diva) -

This is "Fire Flight" a promotional music video for the Phoenix Dance Theatre in Leeds that was shot in 2011 on the Phantom Flex. It was produced by Ink Films ( and the creative and director by Uber Agency ( I have full permission to upload this and have permission to use the music from Klaypex

Director Greg Clarks idea was to shoot the dancers at 1000fps and then in post overlay lots of Cg fire onto them so it looked like they had been set alight. Featuring the magnificent Phoenix dancers and the technical expertise of the production team and collaborators Uber, Ink Films and VTR North.

Thank you so much also to the crew who gave up their time on the day for nothing we couldn't have done it without you . Thank you also to all the dancers and the Phoenix Dance theater it is a pleasure to be able to work with such talented dancers, for more on them visit

The project took just over a year to complete with about 6 months of that being Ben Daure sat in his room creating and rendering the fire in Maya. he had never even opened Maya before and it was Chris Birks of VTR north that showed him how to use the program and who built the original rig so he could go off and fester away in a room setting people on fire for half a year 

The track is called Gamefire by Klaypex and i would like to thank them very much for allowing us to use their music on this video, They never asked for anything from us and i hope they receive some very well deserved attention for their generosity.

Programs Used - Maya, After Effects and Premiere

If you have any questions about how the video was made or any aspect of it please feel free to contact uber, ink, vtr or me at

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